On your kink website there's a video on page two " look what arrived in the post today" Silly question but what it is?

It’s a cupping set :-)

Hello! Do I know you??☺️


Heyy, just wanted your advice, I see you have a bunny butt plug and was wondering whether it's worth buying, do a lot of males like it and does it fit comfortably?

In terms of fitting comfortably it depends which one you buy, there’s more than one bunny tail butt plug in the world so I can’t say whether the one you get will be comfortable or not
In terms of what males like who gives a flying fuck? Do what pleases you

Is your boyfriend supportive of what you do?

If he wasn’t why would he be with me?

Did you and your boyfriend submit something to porn4ladies? I thought I'd reblogged a couple that looked like you guys! Hope everything's good with you both xx

Nope :-)

Your kinky af and I love it! ;3 not really a question I just wanted to point out how gorgeous you are! :)

Thank you :-)

How do you feel when people make comments towards your weight eg. 'you're too skinny'/'your boobs are bigger, does this mean you put on weight?'

I immediately disregard any comment from a stranger who presumes to tell me how I should and should not be :-)
Also people who make comments like ‘your boobs are bigger’ I’m indifferent to, they are bigger, I don’t mind people pointing that out

Advice for someone wanting to get into fetish modelling/camming? Thanks! xx

In terms of camming it’s as simple as joining a cam site, getting some content out there and start doing shows. From there you can raise your profile, market yourself,blah blah blah
In terms of fetish modelling you’ll need a portfolio and experience before you can start approaching sites for work, hiring you after all will be a business decision so a site won’t hire someone they can’t guarantee will produce good work. If it’s not site work you want the main principle still applies, you need experience before you get dollar

Are you still vegetarian? x


Do you do live cams anywhere?

Not any more no :-)

Outdated? Boring? WTF? Judging by your website and growing fan base (myself included) I'd say this person has their head so far up their ass that they need to open their mouth to see where they're going.

He’s just trying to compensate for his irrelevance, poor guy

What is your ethnicity/race? :)


Do you still cut? Often?

Do you really think that’s any of your business?

You got boring and outdated. It's time you moved into porn. I'd pay to see you take a dick.

So boring and outdated you’re still following me, messaging me, keeping tabs on what I’m up to?
That’s fine though, you can keep thinking about me, and I’ll keep on doing me and not sparing a thought for irrelevant nobodies like yourself