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Hey! Me and my girlfriend are looking to start bondage in the bedroom, what is the best way to go about starting for beginners? You are gorgeous btw! (:

- firstly you need to decide who is going to be the sub, and who the dom (you can switch around of course - but let’s just say we’re talking about this very first singular time, after which you can change up as much as your heart desires)

- secondly you need to decide on limits, how far you’re willing to go, and set some safe words in place
a safe word is a word used during bdsm that basically means NO stop now I don’t want to do this anymore, so it’s best to use a word that would never otherwise come up in that situation (just saying ‘no’ as a safeword wouldn’t be appropriate when sometimes no in bondage terms means ‘yes’) the boys in Jackass use ‘oklahoma’, there’s also the traffic light system so green means good, amber means you’re on the line, red means stop
it’s also a good idea to think about some gestures or hand signals that can be used too, if you’re going to be using super effective gags that will make a safeword impossible

- thirdly, get yourself some gear! a beginners kit could include a gag, an entry level spanking implement, rope, handcuffs, hogties or more - I would recommend using a proper supplier and not ann summers, because as wonderful as AS products look they simply are not fit for purpose (message me if you want a hang looking for good suppliers)

- and finally after all of those things you’re ready to play! I’d recommend beginning in a place you know you won’t be disturbed, you can always move on to public play when you’re more comfortable, but for the first time get you and your partner in a nice bed somewhere and just begin as you usually would when getting sexy, it’s up to the dom to take charge so when the dom is ready they can begin!

good luck :-) and if you have any further questions don’t hesitate to ask xx

hey all!

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Hi, I saw the pic of your Christina piercing and it looks gorgeous! I'm interested in getting one, but I was wondering if it ever interferes with sex? Like, I really enjoy grinding and I'm worried it will get in the way. Is it every uncomfortable and can you feel it? Does it snag on clothes? Thanks!

hi :-)
mine doesn’t interfere with sex at all now it’s healed (I’ve had it pierced for about 3 years) and I practice some pretty rough/vigorous sex
it’s never uncomfortable, you can’t feel it and it only snags on clothes if you’re wearing like fishnet underwear and yanking them around all over - but even that isn’t very painful when it’s healed
the only time you need to be careful is when it’s healing, so no oral sex for a good while, try not to get cum/other bodily fluids all over it, be careful not to knock it because it could cause the piercing to reject or become irritated and infected, and always always clean it after sex
essentially treat it like an open wound, because that’s what it is, if you use your common sense and don’t do anything you wouldn’t do to any other healing wound you’ll be fine :-)