Do you still cut? Often?

Do you really think that’s any of your business?

You got boring and outdated. It's time you moved into porn. I'd pay to see you take a dick.

So boring and outdated you’re still following me, messaging me, keeping tabs on what I’m up to?
That’s fine though, you can keep thinking about me, and I’ll keep on doing me and not sparing a thought for irrelevant nobodies like yourself

You should take a peek at the US's Big Brother this season. There's a girl named Victoria who favors you quite a bit sans tattoos. PS: You're gorgeous!

Big brother is my idea of purgatory, thanks anyway though :-)

Have you ever/would you ever involve pissing or shitting within your sex life?

Not my sex life no, but I’m thinking about introducing waterworks to my website

I want a new spanking implement but I don’t know what to choose 😔

do you sell your dirty underwear?

I don’t sell dirty underwear as in soiled, but I do sell used underwear

Thanks very much for that, I love Label Lab. I really admire your style (and your intelligence and strength while I'm at it!) Keep your head held high!

I love them too, wish I could own everything by them!
Thank you cutie :-)

You're fucken awesome! Just thought I'd point that out =)

Thank you :-)

One item of clothing that stood out to me was a blue floaty, mid-sleeve open blouse type thing, if you know which one I mean

Yeah I know which one you mean :-) that was from label lab last year

Where can we pay for us to see you having sex with a guy?

No such content exists, I don’t work to that level

Having one of those days where I feel almost entirely certain if I were to drop off the face of the earth no one would even be aware for a good fortnight

Hi can I ask where you like to buy your clothes? I love your style

Loads of different places, if you want to know a specific item I can tell you

Would it be rude to ask for a topless pic? It would really help wash away these Monday morning blues...

You can ask, doesn’t mean you’re going to get

(And no, you’re not going to get)